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WordPress okami was originally 2 projects designed and coded from mono-lab.net (neutral theme & piano black theme). I merged these two projects because of performance and layout reasons.  Okami is a two column widget enabled WordPress 2.7+ compatible WordPress theme. Prominent navigation bar with room to share important pages. The latest update is completely optimized and stripped of any unnecessary code allowing for complete customizability.

In exchange for the download, please include the okmai.de link for others to download for their own use.

Okami supports three independent widgetized sidebars + more:

  • Top: single column rendered for any widget
  • Middle: two columns rendered for archive, index, blogroll and pages templates.
  • Bottom: single column rendered for any widget

Threaded comment replies (WordPress 2.7+ only).

Download & Demo:

In order to install okami, download the package below, unzip, and upload the directory titled okami to your „wp-content/themes“ directory.

WordPress 2.7+  download | demo

svn checkout http://okami-wordpress.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ okami-wordpress-read-only


  • Mai 25,2010 – Release 0.2.3 – Change index.php, single and archive layout. Fixed site templates for new layout. Removed redundant code and pictures.
  • Mai 23,2010 – Change the threaded comment layout .
  • Mai 22, 2010 – Fixed JavaCode, header.php, css – press the websites speed  under 1 second for DSL 1024.
  • Mai 16, 2010 – Release 0.2 – fixed page-templates  and css to get the mix working.
  • Mai 15, 2010 – Cleaned up invalid code caused of mixing the function.php from neutral and piano. Cleaned up styling for nested categories and pages in navigation elements.